Canyon Ranch - Massachusetts

Optimal Health Exploration

Develop a Plan for Improving Your Health Consult with an integrative wellness team (physician, nutritionist, exercise physiologist, and behavioral therapist) to identify and diagnose the source of your health and medical concerns, then customize a plan to pursue a more vibrant, fulfilling life. Optimal Health Exploration combines alternative and holistic tools with an approach that helps you:

  • Pinpoint root causes of medical conditions
  • Seek second, or alternate, opinions for existing conditions
  • Tailor food choices for healing purposes
  • Develop a personalized exercise plan
  • Set goals for, and remove barriers to, a healthier life
  • Incorporate specialized movement to realign and strengthen
  • Enjoy the options, luxury amenities and natural settings of Canyon Ranch
  • Dine on healthy innovative cuisine that keeps you energized and satisfied
  • Download Pathway information

Personalize Your Plan Select from 3-, 5-, or 7-night programs, with planned experiences and personal options that maximize the value of your stay by including 5, 8, or 10 services respectively. Choose to add additional services, upgrade your room type, or extend your getaway with additional nights that each include an added daily service.

Before You Arrive Review and finalize your included experience options with a Nurse Educator. Plan to meet again upon arrival to complement your schedule with activities, talks and experiences available while you’re here. Review our enhanced health protocols to arrive with peace of mind.

Always Included:
  • Meals and snacks, prepared to make you forget you’re eating healthy.

  • 35+ daily activities, from yoga to high-intensity training, creative arts classes to wellness talks

  • Unlimited access to our extensive resort spa and fitness facilities.

  • Airport pick-ups. No matter when you arrive, we’ll personally transport you to Canyon Ranch.

  • Optimal Health Exploration is also available at Canyon Ranch Tucson