Canyon Ranch - Massachusetts

Live Your Healthy Weight

Your Own Path to Healthy Weight.

There’s no ideal size, shape, or weight that’s right for every body. All that matters is what’s right for you. So, the first step is discovering your true healthy weight, then learning how you can achieve it. At Canyon Ranch, there’s no choosing between Plan A or Plan B – our medical and wellness experts assess and advise you to create an evidence-based, sustainable plan that’s yours alone. Take home strategies and confidence to help you maintain, gain, or lose weight for optimal wellness that lasts a lifetime. Live Your Healthy Weight will help you:

  • Take control of your weight, your way
  • Gain better health at your healthiest weight
  • Enjoy lasting change and end the gain-lose-gain weight cycle
  • Meet with diverse specialists for leading-edge tests, assessments, and unhurried consultations
  • Change your relationship with food
  • Understand the mind-body-spirit connection to weight
  • Fortify confidence, commitment, and self-awareness
  • Develop a customized nutrition, fitness, and wellness plan
  • Dine on healthy innovative cuisine that keeps you energized and satisfied
  • Download Pathway information

Personalize Your Plan Select from 3-, 5-, or 7-night programs, with planned experiences and personal options that maximize the value of your stay by including 5, 8, or 10 services respectively. Choose to add additional services, upgrade your room type, or extend your getaway with additional nights that each include an added daily service. Before You Arrive Review and finalize your included experience options with a Nurse Educator. Plan to meet again upon arrival to complement your program schedule with activities, talks, and experiences available while you’re here. Review our enhanced health protocols to arrive with peace of mind.

Always Included:
  • Meals and snacks, prepared to make you forget you’re eating health

  • 35+ daily activities, from yoga to high-intensity training, creative arts classes to wellness talks

  • Unlimited access to our extensive spa and fitness facilities

  • Airport pick-ups. No matter when you arrive, we’ll personally transport you to Canyon Ranch

  • For more details regarding deposit, cancellation, or other policies, visit the Plan Your Stay page

  • Live Your Healthy Weight is also available at Canyon Ranch Tucson